THESE Are the Happiest Cities in the (757)!


We have a lot of good times here in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Maybe it’s because the beach is always a quick drive away, or because Hampton Roads is home to musical trailblazers like Pharrell Williams and Missy Elliot, but one thing is for sure: the (757) knows a good time when it sees one!

That being said, some spots in the Seven Cities have a little more fun than others, according to new research. WalletHub recently released their list of the Happiest Cities in America, updated for 2021. Supposedly Fremont, CA is the happiest place in the USA, and Detroit is the lowest-ranked, but let’s narrow our focus a little bit.

Topping the local list at ranked #46 nationwide, Virginia Beach was named the happiest hotspot in Hampton Roads! At number two, there’s Chesapeake (#68 in the USA) and at number three, Norfolk (#134). Rounding out the list, at #163 across the country, Newport News came in fourth on our regional look.

What do you think about that ranking? Since VA Beach was recently named the 3rd hardest-working city in America, maybe all this research is proof that we work hard and play hard!

But where’s your city on the list? And how do they come up with these things anyway?

All we know is that it seems like VA Beach is the place to be, whether that’s from 9-5 or after midnight! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to publish this article and go back to having fun 😉