THESE Are IFPI’s Best-Selling Songs of 2020!


It takes a little while to compile music sales data from all around the world! So that’s why now, over three months into 2021, we finally have a list of the highest-selling tracks from last year, according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI).

Most of these songs will be pretty familiar, since we played them almost non-stop to cheer us up during the worst year ever. First, let’s start with the Top 5:


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It’s crazy to see how “Blinding Lights” topped the list, even though it was technically released in 2019, and it continues to chart this year, too! The Weeknd is really making a case that he’s the new prince of pop, and this data only proves the point!

Going a little further, the smash hits continue in IFPI’s Top 10:

You might not know the 7th song, “Made to Love,” since it was an overseas success that didn’t quite translate to the USA. But it’s by a Chinese singer named Xiao Zhan, and his fans were really excited to see him make the Top 10!

Based on Twitter Trends though, no fanbase was more happy to see their faves of the list than the legendary BTS Army.

One thing is for sure: out of the millions of musicians that did their thing in 2020, these are the biggest hitmakers in the world! Which song in the Top 10 is YOUR favorite?


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