The Hottest Artist Merch That Your $1,400 Stimulus Check Could Buy!


Not everybody is getting one of those sweet, sweet stimulus checks from the government, and not everybody is going to be able to spend theirs on much more besides food, bills, or rent. Using the money to cover you necessities is totally valid.

But for those of us who have been lucky enough to keep our financials relatively intact during the pandemic, this guide is for you! If you’re in the mood to treat yourself with this latest round of $1,400 payouts, here are some of the best pieces of artist merchandise I could find. Unlike most articles that look like this, we’re not making any money if you click these links and buy stuff – so if you just want to window-shop, that’s cool too!

If you saw Billie Eilish’s new documentary, “The World’s A Little Blurry” on AppleTV, start your stimulus shopping spree with a trip to Billie’s store and take a look at this limited-edition hoodie for $120. It’s part anime, part fallen-angel, and very Billie Eilish. Sure to make your parents mad!

Next stop, the Harry Styles store! We’re not going into Summer ’21 without a little splash of our favorite One Direction alumnus in our wardrobe. Turn your attention to this Watermelon Sugar tote, which serves warm-weather vibes for $40. It’s perfect for carrying all your watermelons home… maybe all your sugar, too.

Before any grocery trips to pick up watermelons and sugar, though, you’ll need to get ready for your day with a cup of magic wakeup beans. Drink ’em in this Ariana Grande coffee cup, which quotes the lyrics from her hit song “34+35” at only $15!

Keep things comfy this year with a pair of sweatpants, branded with Post Malone’s Posty Co imagery. It’ll only set you back $45, and since you’re spending the government’s money anyway, you might as well add in this ridiculous Posty hardhat too for just $40 more!

While we’re talking headgear, who wouldn’t want a dad hat? They go with… well… certain looks, I guess. At least this cap from the K-pop girl group LOONA’s shop is clean, dark, and probably matches the rest of your wardrobe! It’s just $20.

Sometimes you get a lot of value from the cheapest things you own. That might be the case with this¬†¬£5 ($7) stress ball, shaped like a heart and carrying Lewis Capaldi’s name on it. Life is gonna be stressful, so you might as well have someone (something) to squeeze.

If you really enjoyed the Japanese-comic-inspired drawing style of that Billie hoodie earlier, I’ll bet my – or rather, the government’s – bottom dollar that you’ll like Dua Lipa’s latest merch too. She went for a manga theme on everything from beach towels to water bottles, but I particularly like this iPhone 11 case for $26. It looks almost like senpai finally noticed her!

Last but not least on our shopping spree, let’s swing over the the 5 Seconds of Summer site, since rumor has it that the boys will be returning with new music soon! How about going big and bold, with this pink tie-dye hoodie for $70? Live a little, you deserve it!

What do you think about these merch suggestions? Altogether, they total $383, so you’ve got plenty more to spend on other things!

Tell me about a piece of merch you really love wearing/using: @WatersOnAir on Twitter!