Luck of the Eilish

Luck of the Eilish

Feeling lucky, lad?


Fortune favors the bold, and this St. Patrick’s Day, if you’re brave enough to give us a call, you could win a copy of Billie Eilish’s upcoming book! Much easier than driving the snakes out of Ireland.


On St. Patrick’s Day, starting at 10:35am with McCoy, be caller 10 to win your free copy of “Billie Eilish” by, well, obviously Billie Eilish! Then win every hour at the same time, up until 5:35pm with Waters. Releasing worldwide May 11th, the autobiography takes a look back at Billie’s career so far, and hints at what’s yet to come.


Plus, if you follow that St. Patty’s rainbow all the way to our Instagram (@hot1005), you’ll see another chance to win! Over there, we’ll have a green vinyl copy of Billie’s latest album up for grabs, along with an Apple TV – pre-loaded with premium programming, thanks to a one-year subscription to AppleTV+!


So hold the corned beef and cabbage.

This year it’s all about the Luck of the EILISH!

“Brought to you by: The Eagle’s Nest! Go Green @ The Eagle’s Nest St. Patrick’s Day Party!”