Nick Jonas Talks ‘Spaceman’, SNL Appearance + Priyanka’s Influence On His Music {WATCH}

Nick Jonas is joining The Elvis Duran Show in Zoom room from London Friday morning to talk about his new album, Spaceman.

He told Elvis and the gang, “I just decided to start writing. It felt like I was off in space, floating aimlessly….. It evolved pretty naturally and I wanted to give this bigger persona a name. So when Spaceman was written it seemed like the fitting name for the album.”

Nick also talked about his Saturday Night Live appearance saying, “It was very hard and it was like a flash. I was nervous but I approached it with the energy of that I’m with my friends and the cast is fantastic.”

Of course, Elvis had to ask about this wife Priyanka. He talked about her Indian restaurant in NYC this month and how he has “learned so much through seeing the world through her eyes and lens and experiences.”

Watch Nick Jonas’ entire interview with Elvis Duran above!