63rd Annual Grammys Performances: Who Rose Above and Who Fell Flat


The Rolling Stone columnist Rob Sheffield said it best:

Harry Styles’ feather boa stole the show Sunday night at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, and rightfully so. His performance of “Watermelon Sugar” outshined most of his live-music competition that night. Esquire Magazine called it, “a perfect way to kick off the night’s ceremonies,” and PopSugar added, “we were sold and also slightly in shock.” The critics could agree, Harry won the evening right from the start!

But not everybody had a breakout night, unfortunately. Critics were mixed on Billie Eilish’s performance of “Everything I Wanted,” with Esquire ranking it as the worst of the night, but Rolling Stone’s recap offering praise.

Of course, the fan favorite performance was from BTS – after the Korean boyband took the stage, TIME Magazine went as far as to say that the boys’ appearance was essential to the future of the entire show!

One of the more underrated acts on the stage was Black Pumas, who quickly won over new followers with their unique and Grammy-worthy sense of soul.

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