Coming Soon: Background Checks on Tinder?!


There’s nothing worse than showing up to your Tinder date, and the other person looks absolutely nothing like their pictures. On second thought, maybe that’s not the worst possibility: they could be the next Ted Bundy or something, after all.

But soon, you might be able to do some digging and avoid the disappointment of finding out that your new hookup is an ex-con.

Match Group, the owners of several dating sites like, Hinge, and yes, Tinder, have announced that they’ll be adding a feature to their most popular app where you can pay a fee to run a background check on your love interests. So far, there’s no word on what the cost will be, but then again, your personal safety is probably worth any expense!

Would you use a service like that? A recent YouGov survey found that 59% of singles like to look up their dates before committing to meet them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean running a whole background check. All we know for sure is that we’ll be finding out a lot more about our right-swipes, soon!

Photo credit: Alex Ruhl /