Calm App To Release Hour-Long Remixes of Post Malone, Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, and More


Need help getting to sleep? Let Shawn Mendes assist you 😉

Well okay, that’s not quite what’s happening on the app Calm, starting March 19th. But Shawn, Post Malone, Ariana Grande, and a lot more of your favorite artists will help you relax in a more musical way.

The app recently announced their partnership with Universal Music Group, which means soft, soothing, hour-long remixes of popular songs will be added to their platform this week. Why so long? Michael Acton Smith, the co-CEO, told Rolling Stone magazine that a 3-minute song just isn’t good for getting to sleep: “Even if something is really soothing, you can’t always get into a flow state and drift off… You have a song for a few minutes and then you go onto the next one and the next one.”


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For now, the seven remixes will only be available on Calm, but thanks to their UMG deal, they’ll be “allowed to distribute the music to standard streaming platforms if the move feels right.” That’s per Cynthia Sexton, UMG’s Executive VP of Music Curation.

Which artist do you think will be the most relaxing? We’ll find out soon. ‘Til then, who else is looking forward to bedtime?