New Garbage Pail Kids Set Puts Their Spin on Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Draws Fire for ‘Terrible’ BTS Card


You ever seen the Garbage Pail Kids? The adorably ugly cartoon characters, bursting with charm and also a little repulsive at the same time, started as a parody of the Cabbage Patch Kids, but have since grown into their own breed of caricatures.

This week, in the aftermath of the least-watched Grammy Awards ever, the folks at Topps Trading Cards, who produce Garbage Pail Kids, decided to try their hand at a few of the biggest artists from the show. The result was the “Shammy Awards.”

That led to Taylor Swift as “Tree-Swift,” Harry Styles as “Harry Boa,” Billie Eilish as “Buoyant Billie,” and Megan Thee Stallion as “Stunning Stallion.” Check out the full set here!

Unfortunately, the cards didn’t come without controversy. Their depiction of BTS, the 7-piece Korean boyband who performed at the Grammys but didn’t score any wins, drew fire in light of recent anti-Asian hate crimes. The card, titled “Bopping K-pop,” featured the boys as the moles in a game of whac-a-mole, beaten and bruised by an unseen assailant with a Grammy award in their hand. As one Forbes columnist put it, the card “would have been a terrible idea at any time.”

Topps later issued an apology for the insensitive card and promised that it will be not be available for sale.