Virginia Beach Named Among the Top 10 Remote-Work Cities in America


Here in Virginia Beach, we work hard and have a good time, all the time. But are most of us doing it from home? New research shows that the coronavirus pandemic caused 71% of Americans to start working from home, and 54% hope that continues after COVID is no longer a threat!

Looks like a lot of those poll respondents are checking in from Mermaid City, too. Virginia Beach was recently named one of the Top 10 cities for that WFH lifestyle, according to MakeMyMove.

Citing the nearby beaches, abundant nature reserves, and close proximity to 11 colleges and universities to expand our brains, MakeMyMove also pointed out that USA Today called VA Beach the “best place to live in America!” So imagine doing your 8-hour day in pajamas and then getting some fresh air, grabbing some selfies with King Neptune, and then riding around the block with 100.5 FM turned up loud – no wonder the 757’s centerpoint is so popular with remote workers.

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