BTS Army Celebrates Their ‘#DopeOldPeople’ After Namjoon Shows Love to Fans in 30s, 40s


If you’re 30 years or older, BTS member Namjoon wants you to know: he thinks you’re cool! The 7-piece Korean group’s resident rapper called fans in their 30s and 40s “dope old people,” and fans are reacting by sharing pics and shining a light on the BTS Army’s upperclassmen.

Check out some of the popular posts on #DopeOldPeople!

All these pics, and the thousands more posted to Twitter, prove a point: BTS’ fanbase isn’t just one demographic. In fact, their supporters did their best to capture a sense of how much diversity exists within their ranks, performing the first-ever “Army Census.”

Are you a fan of BTS who bucks the trends and defies the stereotypes? If so, you’re pretty dope in our book too.

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