Dua Lipa Reveals ‘We’re Good’ Was Inspired by an ‘Amicable Breakup’ [VIDEO]

Christian Bertrand / Shutterstock.com

Dua Lipa let fans get to know her a little better in a new YouTube interview.  Dua revealed the meaning behind her “We’re Good” single saying she was inspired by the elusive idea of an amicable breakup:

“The whole story behind the song is an amicable breakup. I think a lot of people wish and hope for those, especially because they can be such a difficult process to go through that at some point, you just hope that it’s a very easy break and you can both just move on with your life.”

She also talked about how Future Nostalgia will forever remind her of the pandemic. “Having it out during the pandemic, it almost feels like, immediately when we’re out of it, the record will becoming nostalgic of this time period,” she said. “I feel like, even for me, it will always be something that will remind me of this time and it will be a very unforgettable and pivotal moment in my career as well.”