Lizzo Calls Out ‘Fake Doctors’ on TikTok: “Bodies Are Not All Designed to Be Slim With a Six-Pack.” {WATCH}

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Lizzo called out fake doctors who share comments on TikTok diagnosing users.

“I just wanted to say, I’ve seen a few of these videos about fat girls who eat healthy and stay active but can’t seem to lose weight. I think these kinds of videos are important, whether they intend to lose weight or don’t want to lose weight, just to show that every single body is different, and how it functions is different.”

“What really bothers me are the fake doctors in the comments saying, ‘Oh, you have this,’ or ‘You might have this condition.’ No. What if I’m just fat? What if this is just my body?” she said.  “Bodies are not all designed to be slim with a six-pack. You know what I mean?”

She encouraged everyone to appreciate their bodies.

“So, if you’re feeling down on yourself today, just remember that your body is YOUR body. Nobody’s got your body,” she said. “So enjoy that b*tch!”


From one fat girl to y’all. With love 😘

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