Where Do VA, NC Rank Among the Best Work-From-Home States?


Even though a recent New York Times study revealed that over 80% of companies intend to bring their employees back into the office ~someday~ when it’s safe, right now, WFH is king. A lot of us have been working from home for over a year now, and some patterns have emerged. From double-booking our Zooms to never taking any personal time, and doing it all in striped pajamas, some places are better-suited for your home/office lifestyle.

A new WalletHub survey found that when it comes to finding your ideal WFH zone, which state you live in has a lot of influence. All 50 of ’em were ranked by two categories: work environment and home environment.

Virginia came in 11th overall, with high marks for home environment – probably since the beach is only a quick drive away for so many of us! But VA scored mediocre marks in the work environment category. Maybe that’ll change, after Richmond voted to legalize it on July 1st…

Meanwhile, North Carolina ran rings around the competition, coming in 2nd place in the country for setting up your WFH base. With high scores in both categories, it seems like a trip to the Outer Banks is in order for all of us – don’t answer another email until you’re soaking up those rays!