The Most Relaxed Cities in America: Where Does the (757) Rank?


Another day, another “the most [adjective] city in America” study is out, and this time, we’re kickin’ back, puttin’ our feet up, and exploring the most chilled-out towns in the US of A.

Not surprisingly, a majority of the top-ranking cities on the list, compiled by LawnStarter, were in California. In fact, the #1 most relaxed place was supposedly Sunnyvale, CA – based on great marks in the Physical Health, Financial Health, and Mental Health categories.

But VA checked in with a silver medal! Arlington was named the 2nd-best place to go if you’re trying to relax. Alexandria, Virginia scored a 21st-place finish as well, and Richmond popped in at 132nd.

A little closer to home in Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach notched a 68th overall placement, Chesapeake came in 99th, Newport News was 142nd, and Norfolk pulled up the rear at 149th.

Sounds like Norfolk is in desperate need of a yoga day.

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