Justin Bieber Rocks Out on the Rooftop for ‘Live From Paris’ Livestream


Once again, Justin Bieber has re-invented himself musically. And what better place to explore new ideas than the City of Lights?

Bieber (backed by a 5-piece band) put on a rooftop concert in Paris, which was livestreamed to YouTube on April 13th. He played five songs, all from his new album Justice, and by the looks of it, he had a lot of fun!

With the French flag flying above, and the cityscape of Paris below, it was honestly an epic place for a show. Maybe the Biebs will go back to do an in-person concert there, with a few VIP fans in the audience, once it’s safe!

Check out the performance here:

Photo credit: Babak Rachpoot / Shutterstock.com