Okay, So HERE’S What Makes Virginia’s Drivers the Worst in the Nation…


You ever been on 264W, minding your business at the (ridiculously low) 55 MPH speed limit, and suddenly Speed Racer himself zips by you at like 100+ MPH? It’s pretty much an every day thing for me.

You’ve probably got your own “omg driving in VA is a f*cking nightmare” stories too, don’t you? Well it turns out the numbers are on our side: Virginia’s drivers really are the worst in America. By a long shot.

A recent study from Insurify identified the traffic violations that are most indicative of “rude” driving behavior, and VA pretty much takes the cake on all of them:

  • Failure to yield violations (for pedestrians or other vehicles)

  • Failure to stop violations (stop lights, for buses, etc.)

  • Improper backing

  • Passing where prohibited

  • Tailgating

  • Street racing

  • Hit-and-runs

Per Insurify’s data, the national average for “rude” drivers (those who have received one or more of the above-mentioned citations) is about 25 per 1,000.

The Old Dominion State, meanwhile, doubles that stat: over 43 rude drivers per every 1,000.

Big yikes.

According to the stats, Virginia’s worst offense is failing to stop at stop signs (which sounds pretty dangerous tbh). We do that 40% more than the national average.

That’s a whole lot of data to take in, and all of it points to one thing: if you see a VA license plate, stay away. Far, far, far away. One reminder before I wrap up this article: