How Many People Got CATFISHED in Virginia Last Year?!


According to Google, catfishing is the “process of luring someone into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.” In other words, pretending to be someone you’re not, in order to make someone else fall in love with you.

There’s a great TV show about catching catfishers, but unfortunately Nev Schulman and company can’t bust everyone with a profile that’s too good to be real.

Even worse for the victims of these internet-age scams, you don’t just walk away with a broken heart. Many fraudsters use long-distance romantic connections to get money out of their victims. One woman parted ways with $100k, thinking that she was helping Bruno Mars (yes, really!) out of a tough spot.

And get this – new research from finds that Virginia is one of the most ‘fished states in America! VA is the 6th-most catfished nationwide, with 531 known victims. The worst part is, those unlucky digital lovers lost $18,052,839 in the process!

So you wouldn’t think I’d have to say this in 2021, but before you send your next internet boyfriend some money, please make sure he’s a real person. FaceTime and reverse image searches are your friends… and they’re free, unlike the next Nigerian price who professes his undying love in the DMs đŸ˜‰