Justin Bieber, Jack Harlow, The D’Amelios, & Bill Nye (?!) to Headline Facebook’s ‘Earth Day! The Musical’


How are you celebrating Earth Day 2021? There’s more to it than just turning off the lights when you leave the room and conserving water when you wash your hands!

Here’s one example of how conservation can be fun: Facebook Watch is holding a virtual event called Earth Day! The Musical, and it’s got a star-studded cast. Viewers can expect to see Justin Bieber, Idina Menzel, Steve Aoki, the TikTok-famous sisters Charli & Dixie D’Amelio, Zac Efron, Maluma, and more!

There’s one guest in particular that might remind you of the good ol’ days, which is perfect, since Earth Day is on a Throwback Thursday this year. Remember Bill Nye? He’ll co-star the event, but I can’t imagine there will be much singing from the TV-famous scientist.

Will you be watching? If so, Facebook is encouraging fans to join in the #RestoreOurEarthChallenge, showing off the steps that you’ve taken to preserve our precious planet.

If you have a Facebook account (and tbh who doesn’t?) then you can catch the stream, starting at noon EST here.

Photo credit: Facebook/EarthDay.org