Watch Dua Lipa Serve Vocals, Fashion During ‘We’re Good’ Live Performance


Nobody does it like Dua Lipa. With a catalogue that already contains some of the biggest hits in the 21st century, every time Dua drops a track, the world can’t help but listen.

This week, she took the stage in the UK to perform her latest single, “We’re Good” with a socially-distanced backing band. But it wasn’t just her sultry voice and subtle arrangement that shook the viewers – her outfit actually turned even more heads!

One fan in the comments section exclaimed, “SHE WAS SO STUNNING IN THAT FIT,” and another joined in, adding, “she’s a legend and she is the moment.” Agreed!

Check out her performance here and let us know if it’s literally everything right now:

Photo credit: Christian Bertrand /