The Best City in VA for Naked Gardening(?!) IS…


The difference between being all-natural and au naturale isn’t much, sometimes. Naked gardening isn’t exactly a mainstream trend, but some folks enjoy potting plants, burrowing seeds, and soaking up the sun with nothing except their gloves on. More power to ’em, I guess!

So, here’s the burning question: if you’ve ever wanted to shed your layers and grow something in your birthday suit, where the best place to start?

According to research from LawnStarter, the most naked-gardening-friendly city in the USA is (maybe no surprise) Miami, where it often feels like clothing is optional. But what about a little closer to home?

The study found that Virginia’s ideal spot to bare it all in the backyard is Virginia Beach, ranked 59th overall. Next up was Norfolk, at 67th nationwide, and Chesapeake at 78th. Bringing up the… wait for it… rear, our neighbors in Richmond came in 81st place.

Their methodology included a mix of Gardener-Friendliness and Nudist-Friendliness ratings, so while the list might not truly show the whole picture when it comes to grabbing a hoe and getting dirty, at least you can strip away your reservations about where to get into it.