Tinder Launches New Feature to Test if You Will ‘Vibe’ With a Potential Match

Tinder has a new feature that they say is a way to test compatibility and find out if a match is on your wavelength, Vibes. Because chemistry is important but the vibes gotta be right.

According to Tinder, it’s “an in-app event that gives members a new way to express their opinions on everything from whether it’s normal to wear socks in bed to what’s happening in pop culture.”

Following a series of questions on any number of topics like pop culture, and personality traits you will be able to see if you “vibe” with a possible match. If a person vibes with you, you’ll get a “mutual vibes” icon, and Vibes will be displayed in people’s profiles for 72 hours.

Vibes will be rolling out to users globally in late May.


photo credit: Varavin88 / Shutterstock.com