Order Up! – Virginia Beach Named THIRD-BEST City for BBQ in America in New Study


Ah, Virginia Beach. Famous for, well, obviously its beaches. But maybe we’ve been sleeping on Neptune City’s finest attraction this whole time!

Chef’s Pencil conducted some nationwide research, trying to find the best barbecue cities in the US of A, and their findings have a lot of people up in arms.

At least this time, the (757) was represented pretty positively! Virginia Beach was named the third-best spot in America to get some kick-ass BBQ, and the customers clearly agree: after compiling the reviews, all but one of our local BBQ joints scored at least 4 out of 5 stars. Chef’s Pencil put it this way: “you can’t go wrong when having a BBQ in Virginia Beach.”


Mind you, that puts the heart of Hampton Roads in a higher standing than some cities famed for their smoked ribs, including St. Louis (8th) or anywhere in Texas.

Needless to say, some people weren’t happy with the results:

Even some (757) locals aren’t quite sure that we deserve the bronze medal:

That being said, some of us were keen to stand strong in defense of Virginia Beach’s proud culinary traditions that we just found out about.

So what do YOU think? Is our Oceanfront actually packed with fall-off-the-bone, finger lickin’ good smokehouses? Or is this study a load of… wait for it… hog-wash?

Either way, I’ll be seeing you at the dinner table over a rack of ribs!