TikTok of Dogs ‘Talking S***’ and ‘Throwing Hands’ Goes Viral With 8 Million Views

TikTok user @siriuslysalem features adorable videos of her dogs Sirius and Salem, a five-year-old Golden Retriever and a three-year-old mutt on her page.

Sirius and Salem show off lots of skills but the one that has everyone talking was shared on Wednesday. Owner, Lexx, demonstrates “all the tricks that [she] taught [the dogs] just for fun.” First up, she commands Sirius to “talk s***,” which prompts him to growl adorably. When Sirius is asked if he “wants to throw hands,” he stands on his hind legs and waves his front paws in the air.

@siriuslysalemHere’s a lil compilation of tricks I taught just for fun! (I post tutorials on YouTube showing how I train them!)♬ original sound – Sirius & Salem

Lexx shares other tricks she has taught the pair to help her manage day-to-day activities with chronic illness.  They clean up, fetch her medication and provide lots of comfort.

@siriuslysalemReply to @siriuslysalem more fun tricks the boys know. (I post training tutorials on YouTube!)

♬ original sound – Sirius & Salem

We don’t deserve dogs.

@siriuslysalemStill not feeling great, they’re always happy to help. Or just cuddle with me when I need it. 🖤 I am so lucky to have them.

♬ original sound – Sirius & Salem