Machine Gun Kelly Dishes on Dangerous Dates with Megan Fox: ‘Glad she’s alive’


There’s no denying that Machine Gun Kelly lives a crazy life. The rapper-turned-rockstar famously keeps a bottle of his girlfriend Megan Fox’s blood in a necklace… and that’s just the start of their raucous relationship.

Turns out that MGK & Megan have had some wild times together, right from the very start, as he recently revealed on The Ellen Show. For their first date, she defied gravity by scaling a three-story balcony in heels! He told Ellen, “I saw this roof, and I was like, ‘I used to hang out there. I just want you to come and see my world for a minute.'” Thankfully, they made it down, safe and sound.

But apparently the thrill of avoiding a treacherous fall wasn’t quite enough for these two daredevils. MGK also spilled the tea about their second date, which put his fears on center stage. He and Megan went swimming with sharks in Bora Bora – with no cage!

Apparently, it took MGK two tries before he finally plucked up the courage to enter the water, but obviously, he lived to tell the tale.

Clearly, his new girlfriend is 100% here for all the mortal peril. In one of her Instagram posts, Megan wrote, “The journey will likely be perilous but there is no destination without him.”

How romantic.

So what will this death-defying duo try next? One can only guess. At least we’re pretty sure that it’ll make for a good story after they (hopefully) come out alive!

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