Did You Get the McDonald’s BTS Meal Yet?


The surprising part about BTS’ collaboration meal with McDonald’s is that it doesn’t include a huge stick of “Butter,” their new song.

The unsurprising part is that their fans have been really enjoying the dish!

McDonald’s and the 7-piece K-pop group are trending worldwide after releasing their collection of chicken nuggets, medium fries, a medium Coke, and two Korean-inspired sauces. Celebs, influencers, and lots of food reviewers scrambled to get their hands on those brown bags full of viral content!

Have you picked up your #BTSMeal yet? Pics or it didn’t happen! Tag us on socials when you finally sink your teeth into those nugs: @HOThits1005 on Twitter and @hot1005 on Instagram.

Photo credit: Deman / Shutterstock.com