Watch Troye Sivan and Tate McRae Get Hacked in New ‘You’ Music Video!


I’m pretty sure this isn’t what real-life hacking looks like, but in a music video, anything goes. The new Regard x Troye Sivan x Tate McRae song “You” just got a visual, and the result will leave you changing all your passwords!

The video stars a young woman who stumbles across the unedited footage of, well, the music video (very meta), and gradually, through some sneaky searching and password-guessing, she gets into accounts owned by Troye and Tate. Obsessed with Troye, she learns how to make “deepfake” videos, inserting her own face in for Tate’s!

By the time the producer Regard finds out… it’s too late. Watch it here:

Photo credit: Courtesy of Epic Records