THESE Are the Most Biking-Friendly Cities in Hampton Roads!


Okay, so bicyclists aren’t exactly the most popular people on the roads. If you’re bobbing & weaving, ignoring traffic laws, running red lights, and narrowly missing pedestrians, this article isn’t for you.

But if you’re a biker who stays safe out there… then you might wanna consider moving away.

Turns out, according to new research from LawnStarter, the (757) really isn’t a biker’s paradise. San Francisco was named the best city for transporting yourself with two wheels and a lil’ bell on the handlebars, but Virginia Beach came in at 168th nationwide.

And that was the BEST performance from Hampton Roads. Yikes…

Based on rankings involving safety, access to bike lanes, good biking weather, and a few more categories, Coastal VA didn’t really show up at all. Norfolk was 178th, Chesapeake settled at 195th, and Newport News was named the 3rd-worst city in America for bikers, out of the 200 cities studied.

You might just be better off walking.