Virginia Dads Are the 7th-Best in America at THIS Household Task?


Father’s Day is approaching soon, and according to some new research from Brainly, dads in Virginia are better than average at one particular at-home activity: helping with homework!

In VA households, fathers are the main at-home tutors 38% of the time, ranking 7th nationwide. And for some, that’s a relatively new trend: 68% said the pandemic led them to start helping out a little more than usual.

But the best stat to see, coming from the survey, was that 69% of dads say that the best part of the quarantine was the fact that they got to spend more time with their kids. Aww!

Was your dad also your tutor during the school year? This Father’s Day, let him know you appreciate it, and tell him that’s he’s not alone when he breaks down the Pythagorean Theorem with you!