THESE Are the Best Cities for LGBT Singles in Hampton Roads!


It’s Pride Month, and the (757) is celebrating! If you wish you were attending the parades, festivals, and bar crawls with a partner instead of going solo, this is the list for you.

New research recently compiled the best cities in America for single LGBT people (San Fran was #1, in case you were curious), and I narrowed it down to help our local lovers find someone special this month.

Richmond was the highest-ranked in Virginia, at #44 overall, based on a mix of LGBT population, acceptance, Pride events, and community support programs available. In Hampton Roads, Norfolk topped the list at 96th nationwide. After that, Newport News came in 113th, VA Beach scored a 115th-place finish, and unfortunately for the community in Chesapeake, they ranked dead last in our area at 126th.

So if you’re looking for a Pride partner, my best advice would be to pull out your phone, open Grindr, and make your way towards Norfolk. Let me know how that goes for you: sound off on Facebook, Insta, or Twitter (they’re all WatersOnAir).