THESE Are the Cities in Hampton Roads with the MOST Divorces!


Love hurts, and sometimes, things don’t work out. People grow and change (or don’t), life gets in the way, or people realize they have different goals. And that’s why divorce lawyers drive Teslas, while I drive a Mazda 3.

Everyone knows someone who’s gone through a divorce… or maybe even someone who probably should go through one. But did you know that certain cities are better for long-lasting marriages than others?

Check out this new research, which shows that if you’re trying to stay together, you might not want to tie the knot in Newport News. Factoring in married population vs. unmarried, along with a so-called “wedding friendliness” rating, it was nothing but Bad News at 132nd in America for successful marriages.

“‘Til death do us part” was a little more accurate in Norfolk, ranked the 65th-best city for eternal unions, and Virginia Beach did even better at 62nd.

But the best city in the (757) for saying your vows (and keeping them) was Chesapeake, named the 25th-best in America!