THESE Are the Best Cities for Gamers in the (757)!


I’ll admit it: I’m a gamer. I’m talkin’ Skyrim, FIFA, Call of Duty, and recently, a lot of Fortnite. Like… a lot of Fortnite.

What can I say? There’s something really exciting about diving into a virtual world, taking control of virtual superstars, or solving mysteries and kicking some @$$ without any risk of physical injury. Video games unite people worldwide, entertain players and viewers alike, and even score a lot of money for some folks, in professional e-sports tournaments.

So I’m personally taking credit for this one: according to a new WalletHub study, three of the Seven Cities are among the Top 100 best cities for gamers in America!

First up is Virginia Beach (which, by the way, ranked 2nd nationwide in the study’s “internet quality & coverage” category), scoring a 21st overall finish. Chesapeake followed close behind, as the 35th-best city for gamers in the USA. And rounding things out, no doubt thanks to all my chug-juggin’ and crankin’-90s in Fortnite, Norfolk (where I live) got 44th.

So, umm, if we’re all such hardcore gamers, who wants to team up sometime? Let’s take down bad guys, save the world, win the Super Bowl, or even just slip on bananas in the middle of a race track. DM me on Insta if you want my PlayStation Network name: @WatersOnAir!