Viral Audio: What Are These People Chanting??


Remember “The Dress?” What about Laurel vs. Yanny? Those viral this-or-that debates shook the internet, and now, here comes another!

So the question is: what are these people chanting? I’ll get right to it, and let you listen to the audio for yourself:

@kegan_stiles#BestSeatInTheHouse #PerfectAsWeAre #foryou #fyp #trend #kegan Here’s another one!

♬ That Is Embarrassing – Derby County FC FanChants & DCFC Fans Songs

What do you think it says? We debated the audio on-air, and McCoy seemed to think they were saying “that is a party,” but here are some of the more common guesses from TikTokers:

“Bart Simpson Bouncing”

“Rotating Pirate Ship”

“That Is Embarrassing”

“I’m Chasing Martian”

“Baptism Piracy”

“That Isn’t Mercy”

In the end, if you look at the Sound used in the video, it becomes clear. The men are chanting “That is embarrassing,” a fan song/chant that you can hear at Derby County FC soccer games.