Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds Donates Childhood Home in Las Vegas to Support LGBTQ+ Youth

Dan Reynolds, the frontman for Imagine Dragons, has donated his childhood home in Las Vegas to Encircle, an organization dedicated to providing a safe space for LGBTQ+ youth.

The home is part of a major donation made by Reynolds, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith in support of the organization’s effort to help empower at-risk LGBTQ+ youth and bring families together.

Dan’s father, Ron Reynolds, told KTNV his son “called early in the morning and he said ‘you can say no, but I just had this dream…’what if I bought your home and I donated it?'”

His dad quickly agreed. “We feel like this house has a spirit, so to speak, of its own,” Ron Reynolds said. “It had a lot of children in it, a lot of happiness, and that’s what we wanted, and people coming around were investment people.”