THESE Are the Best Cities in the (757) for Single Dads!


It’s tough being a single parent. But as they say, it takes a village to raise a child. So with Father’s Day approaching, some new research looked into where single dads have the most help in their parenting journey.

As it turns out, Hampton Roads isn’t exactly a safe haven for ridin’ solo.

Using several different metrics, including legal protections for fathers, support systems in place, good outdoor + work/life environments, along with a general sense of how affordable it is to live in each city, the (757) ranked pretty low nationwide. Virginia Beach topped the region at 134th overall, followed close behind by Chesapeake at 135th.

Newport News trailed a little further back, coming in at 178th, but unfortunately for parental papas in the Mermaid City, Norfolk brought up the rear at 196th nationwide – the 4th-worst city in the survey for single dads.

Ouch. Seems like this Father’s Day, if you know any fellas who are trying their best to raise a few little ones, you should give ’em more than just a necktie and a pat on the back. Clearly, they could use all the help they can get.

Study conducted by LawnStarter.