Drop the Beat from Anywhere with THESE Invisible(?!) Drums


Back in college, I had a reputation for being the “air-drummer guy.” While I walked from one building to the next, in between classes, the whole campus would see that I had my headphones in and my air-drum kit in front of me. It probably looked weird AF but I had a lot of fun with it – banging on my invisible cymbals, pounding out incredible beats that only I could hear in my head.

So when I saw this invention, I got excited. Maybe I was just a few years ahead of my time…

A company called Theodots HyperDrum created a completely invisible drum kit, and soon, it’ll be for sale. Instead of heavy cymbals, toms, and snares (not to mention the ridiculously large kick drum), you just get a pair of smart sticks!

Those “tech-driven” drumsticks keep track of their location and allow you to blast out technical beats – or just make a lot of noise – without ever setting up a single drum. In other words, you can drop the beat in an HRT bus, at the Oceanfront, or even just while you’re sitting in traffic on the CBBT.

Check out all the details about this invisible kit here… would you give ’em a try?