Throwback Thursday: What’s Warren G Been Up to Lately, Anyways?


“Regulate” dropped all the way back in 1994, and helped solidify Warren G’s role in hip hop history! Over a quarter of a century later, maybe you’ve been wondering what he’s been up to… and I’ve got the answer right here.

Turns out, he’s still handy with the steel, if ya know what I mean – just not the same type of steel that his legendary song makes reference to. Born Warren Griffin III, he’s transitioned to the kitchen with his relatively-new line of sauces and spices, called Sniffin Griffin’s BBQ.

That’s right: he’s throwing heat on the grill instead of in the studio!

Warren says he got the culinary urge thanks to his dad: “As a kid, all my pops used to do was cook, create recipes, and play good music,” he recalled. “Sniffin Griffin’s BBQ is inspired by the legacy of my father’s love, and our goal is to help fathers and their families continue this tradition.”

That’s good stuff.

So if you’re firing up a cookout this weekend with your ol’ man, take a hint from Warren G: don’t forget the seasoning, and be sure to regulate that grill temperature.

Photo credit: J.A. Dunbar /