Man Goes Viral After Losing a Bet; Has to Imprison Himself in a Waffle House


Yep, the headline kind of says it all on this one. A reporter for the Clarion Ledger in Mississippi lost a bet related to fantasy football, and as punishment, had to imprison himself in a Waffle House for 24 hours.

Thankfully for our victim here, whose name is Lee Sanderlin, there’s a carb-heavy way out: for every waffle he ate, he could shave one hour off his confinement. So hypothetically, if Lee could somehow stomach 24 waffles, he could just walk right out of the joint as if nothing happened.

Crazy bet, right?

After consuming a few waffles, Lee’s time in the 24-hour slammer was already slimming down – while he was bulking up!

A little later on…

After 15 grueling hours and 7 waffles, Lee had finally served his time and was free to go.

A true hero. Congratulations to Lee for surviving his punishment, and shoutout for letting us all follow along while he did it!

Photo credit: Rob Wilson /