Norfolk Native Serves U.S. Navy, Developing Innovations in Surface Warfare


For Capt. Janet Days, originally from Norfolk, Virginia, serving her country is a family affair. ““I was in the military world my whole upbringing,” she says. “I grew up as an Army brat traveling the world with my family and I always enjoyed the military environment.”

These days, after her enlistment, Capt. Days serves in Newport, RI, at Surface Warfare Officers School (SWOS). She describes her duties: “Here at SWOS, we prepare sailors to be counselors, technical experts and leaders.”

With Father’s Day recently in the rearview mirror, Capt. Days speaks highly of her dad, influencing her to join the military: “My father was in the military for 25 years and he made sure I knew to treat people with respect, have a good sense of humor and maintain a positive attitude.”

Since Hampton Roads is so connected to the Navy, it’s also worth shouting out something she’s especially proud of as a service member: “My greatest accomplishment has been serving as the commanding officer of USS McFaul,” said Days. “Very few people have the opportunity to lead 300-plus sailors. It’s a huge responsibility, but my past Navy experience has prepared me to take on the challenge.”

Clearly, the (757) is sending its best. Hot 100 is cheering you on, Capt. Days – keep making us proud!

Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Amanda Rae Moreno