2021’s Most Fun States: Where Do VA & NC Rank?


There’s lots of fun to be had in Hampton Roads! Here, you can take a beach day on the Oceanfront or a meditative walk through the Norfolk Botanical Garden. You could watch an airshow in Pungo or go shopping at MacArther Center. You could can even tune your radio to 100.5 FM and win Pitbull tickets this week at 12:05 and 5:05 – you’ll have fun with that, too! 😉

But clearly Richmond needs to PICK UP SOME SLACK because the (757) wasn’t able to carry the team on this one: Virginia was ranked the 29th most fun state in America, per a new Wallethub survey. Our neighbors in North Carolina came in 18th – but that’s probably more about Raleigh than Elizabeth City… or is it??

Either way, this calls for a serious injection of fun into our daily routines. Do something local, do something you’ve never done before, or even do something you’ve done a million times (if it ain’t broke, after all). We have plenty of fun in the Seven Cities, so I’m blaming the rest of the state for this one.