Win A Box of Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour Patch Kids with WatersOnAir!


She’s the moment. And her new album SOUR is lighting up the charts! Olivia Rodrigo has given us heartbreak and revenge anthems, and recently, she teamed up with Sour Patch Kids too – it’s an obvious pairing, right?

These boxes are no joke though. A 2-pound container will set you back as much as $400 on eBay right now!

And that’s where we come in.

Starting Monday the 28th with WatersOnAir, we’re giving away some of these 2-pound boxes, totally for free! Every weekday afternoon, starting at 2pm, listen for back-to-back songs by Olivia. When you hear ’em (and don’t worry, we’ll give you plenty of hints about when that’s happening), be Caller 10 and you’ll be the proud owner of this piece of pop music history!