The VA Aquarium’s New Seal Now Has a Name! Meet Him Here


If you listen to my show a lot, you might remember that a week or two ago, I tried convincing my boss that we need to enter the Virginia Aquarium’s baby-seal-naming auction. He was actually pretty into the idea:


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But I guess the Aquarium wasn’t quite as excited about the idea of naming him “Hot 100” or “Today’s Hits Now” or “Elvis Duran”… but they DID reply to us on that post and said that McCoy was a good name!

Ultimately, we let the auction do its thing and we stayed out of it (even though the branding woulda been INCREDIBLE). So after all the donations were received and votes were counted, the very talked-about seal has a new name:

Meet Monty!


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All the money raised to name Monty went towards a good cause too. The Aquarium said in a statement, “Funds raised by the auction will be used to support not only the care of Monty and our other animals and exhibits, but also our standing and conservation efforts.”

They also pointed out that if you ever see a seal, turtle, or other marine creature on the beach, don’t try to handle it yourself – that can be dangerous! Let their teams take care of it instead.

What do you think of Monty’s new name?