Marijuana in Virginia: What’s Legal, What’s Not


If things seem particularly hazy in Virginia today, here’s why: as of July 1st, new marijuana decriminalization laws take effect, allowing several new freedoms for adults who partake.

Just to make sure you’re 100% aware of ALL the new changes though, I’ve put together this list of what’s legal in VA now, as well as what remains illegal – and what’s changing eventually for VA residents, too.


  • If you’re over 21, you’re allowed to possess “not more than one ounce” of the green stuff.

  • In general, if you’re over 21, you’ll be allowed to smoke weed in private residences (like your home, or a friend’s place). But property owners (like your landlord) can still restrict you from doing so on their premises.

  • Adults 21 and over can now grow up to 4 marijuana plants under specific guidelines.

  • You can now share some pot with another adult, as long as they’re not paying you for it, exchanging other gifts/services for it, or offering other “renumeration” for it. In other words, you can share, but not sell.


  • Possessing more than one ounce.

  • Consuming, possessing, or selling any cannabis if you’re under the age of 21 (just like alcohol).

  • You can’t sell it either. Nor can you offer it in exchange for something else, or use it as part of any kind of “renumeration” as mentioned above. This applies to businesses too, although pot shops are coming to VA, starting January 2024.

  • There are some places you can’t bring your goods, even if you meet all the other requirements. You won’t be allowed to consume or carry marijuana on school campuses or while operating a vehicle. Makes sense.

  • You’re also not allowed to possess cannabis or offer the blunt to someone in public.

Hopefully that helps you clear things up about VA’s new pot laws. If you’re planning on celebrating the new rules, have a great time and be safe!