Soon, You Might Be Able to Get Booze Delivered in the Mail! Here’s How…


Cheers to this! A new bill proposed in Congress called The USPS Shipping Equity Act would remove an old restriction that prevents the Post Office from shipping any alcoholic beverages.

The experts say it could increase the USPS’ revenue by $180 million, but more importantly, it gives We The People another way to get completely plastered from the comfort of our own homes!

Jackie Speier, the congresswoman sponsoring the bill, said, “The time is long overdue for Congress to lift this Prohibition-era ban for the benefit of beverage manufacturers, consumers, and our struggling postal service.” Fair enough.

So when can we start opening our mailboxes and getting more than just bills? Well, if The Feds end up signing it into law, this legislation would take effect in two years. So, something to look forward to in 2023?! I’ll drink to that.