Gen Z Just Discovered ‘Skorts’ and We Have Some Thoughts

The mullet of all clothing is back…the Skort!

Gen Z just discovered the beloved shorts/skirts combo 80s and 90s girls loved to show off…like the way we do our dresses with pockets now.

TikTok user @TallLivingTiny shared her “mindblowing” discovery saying, “You know how we get excited about dresses with pockets? Hang on, I gotta show you this,” before doing the flip known by every millennial and revealing they are shorts.

*mind blown emoji*”

@talllivingtinyFelt cute might delete later 😂 #shortskirt♬ Stuck in the Middle – Tai Verdes

Those who know, know.

Well, they appear to be making a comeback among celebs too.

Actress Charlize Theron was recently spotted wearing a black mini skort while attending a CTAOP event for her Africa Outreach Project.