THESE Are The Best Work-From-Home Cities in the (757)!


The pandemic really shook up a lot of things, like reintroducing men to hand-washing, or never wanting to blow out birthday candles again. For a lot of people, it also turned their home in their office!

With the rise of working from home, millions of people could attend their meetings in PJs, zone out, and watch Netflix on the company dime. All good stuff, of course.

But did you know that some places are better for that WFH lifestyle than others?

New research from Lawnstarter finds that there’s one city in the (757) that’s the King of WFH, based on metrics like the average extra space in a home and number of employers who are cool with your new 9-5 (more like 11-3) grind. And that city is none other than Newport News, which ranked as America’s 27th-best WFH hotspot!

Of course, the roomy, suburban Chesapeake wasn’t too far behind, grabbing the 38th overall spot, mostly based on all the square footage required to build a cozy home office.

The rest of Hampton Roads did pretty okay, too! Norfolk claimed 59th, and VA Beach clocked in at 75th on the list nationwide.

So do YOU work from home? Do you wish you had more space? Well, now you know which of the Seven Cities is best for your post-pandemic WFH adventures!