Whoa, BTS Army Was Almost Called THIS Instead?!


In the world of pop music fandoms, none are more famous or wide-reaching than the BTS Army. Their ranks extend across 6 out of 7 continents, and they’re especially vocal online. If you’re a card-carrying Army, you might be surprised to learn this, then: BTS almost came up with a different name for their fans!

On the band’s recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the guys broke it down. The 7-piece Korean stars told Fallon that initially, their idea was to call their supporters The Bells. RM, the main rapper, explained: “So when we think of the fan name, someone brings up the idea, like, ‘What about the bell thing?’ Everybody rings their bells and [we’re] like, ‘Make some noise!'”

Everyone involved was glad they didn’t go with that, though, including RM himself, who said, “Thank God that [it changed], ARMY is so much better.”

While we’re doing big reveals, one of the boys (Jimin) confessed that he almost went by Baby J instead. Once again, he’s glad he changed his mind: “That sounded really weird.”

Photo courtesy of Columbia Records