3 Random Things We Learned About Virginia Beach This Week


It was a fun week in the (757)! The weather got hot, the hit music on our playlist got hotter, and Virginia Beach showed up in the news a lot… but mostly for good reasons. Here are three pretty random things we learned about the Neptune City this week:

  • There’s more of us now. VA Beach’s population grew by 2.82%, which might be a high rate of growth, or it might be a low rate (I’m not an expert). Maybe it’s even an average rate, idk. But I do know for sure is that in 2010, the city next to America’s longest pleasure beach was home to 438,864 people, but now it’s home to 451,231. Here’s where the data comes from.

  • It’s cheap to buy a house here. When I say “cheap,” I really mean it’s below the national average – I’m a long way away from being able to commit $276,000 on a property. But that’s how much the typical home in Virginia Beach costs, and according to the research, that’s a pretty decent deal.

  • We’re all “medicine” growers. While they didn’t give specifics, the marijuana-growing company TheBudGrower says they’ve seen “a surge in sales” in Virginia, ever since the green stuff was decriminalized.

So that’s what’s happening in Virginia Beach lately! Maybe next week, we’ll learn even more random stuff about the city that almost half a million of us call home. Or maybe not, again, I’m not an expert.