THESE Are the Most Hipster Cities in Hampton Roads!


Vinyl records, vintage apparel, and vegan cheese: just a few of the many accessories that make a hipster. Whether you love ’em for their fierce support of local coffeeshops, or hate them because they can’t stop talking about how the (757) needs more bike lanes, hipsters are all around us… but you’ll find more of ’em in THESE cities!

  1. Norfolk – Ranking as the 75th most hipster-friendly city in America from new LawnStarter research, the Mermaid City ranks as Hampton Roads’ capital of clean eating and well-groomed beards.

  2. Virginia Beach – This might’ve been your front-runner, but instead, VA Beach checks in at 101st nationwide, good for the silver medal in the (757). I guess the Oceanfront needs more vegan coffeeshop/crossfit/record store boutiques before it can take the crown.

  3. Newport News – Often derided as “Bad News,” the bronze medal looks good on Hampton Roads’ 5th-most populated city. It’s all positive news here though, as NN ranked high on the chart for its hipster food options.

  4. Chesapeake – Wrapping up the list locally, Chesapeake popped out a 135th-place finish in the nation. I guess if you’re looking for a sustainable fro-yo shop with a Tesla charging station in the parking lot, you’ll have better odds if you hit the road and head north.