Selena Gomez Shares TikTok Video About Red Flags That Has Fans Talking {WATCH}

Selena shared a new TikTok about red flags that has fans blowing up  the comments.

In the video, Selena is mouthing the words of a voiceover that had a bit of a warning: “So, you’re telling me that you can read his astrological birth chart, but you can’t read the red flags?”
During a pause, she takes a sip of her drink before  saying, “Sis.”

The video gained over 2 million likes in less than 24 hours.  Fans are reading the sign of one specific person, Justin Bieber.  One user wrote, “Bestie, his name started with a J.” While another user referred back to an actual birth chart by commenting, “Bestie, he was literally a Pisces.”




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